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    Hi! I am a thirteen year old student in Hong Kong and I would like
    to start learning the Harp. Does anyone have any suggestions on
    whether I should start with a Lever Harp or a Pedal Harp? I really
    like the appearance of the Pedal Harp, but how do I choose the one
    that is more suitable for me? And I would also like to know how many
    grades there are for the Harp. Thank you very much!

    unknown-user on #167599

    Quoting suzanne humpheries: “Instead of all of us spilling our brains out, i suggest you carefully look over the posts on this entire forum.” theres TONS of information on this site.

    patricia-jaeger on #167600

    Stephanie, regarding your question about different grades for the harp: England and Australia, and perhaps other countries also, have put out printed booklets for many years, with lists of requirements for the different “levels” a student might achieve in studying the harp. Some countries, and some teachers, do not bother; so you may not need to go from level to level if you have a wise teacher who has the experience to do without printed lists. Syllabi, or lists of appropriate works to be used at a certain level, are usually in about 9 levels in the countries I mentioned. The Ninth level has the most difficulet harp repertoire, and after a harp student has reached that level they are given a certificate to teach. In the U.S. an attempt has been made recently to organize harp studies into 6 levels. I have syllabi from each of these three countries and they were helpful when I began teaching many years ago. The U.S. list is published by Tichenor Publishing, Division of T.I.S.Inc., P.O. Box 669, Bloomington, Indiana, 47402-0669.It iis called “String Syllabus for Harp and Guitar.” There was a charge of about $30. U.S. and I personally felt this list compared with others, was not so carefully organized. The London College of Music holds recognised examinations throughout the UK and overseas, in 250 locations up to eight grade levels in harp, and three levels of professional Diploma in performing and teaching.Information: London College of Music, Thames Valley University, St Mary’s Road, London W5 5RF, England. An excellent syllabus for guitar and harps, bound together in one volume, is from: Trinity College, 89 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7TP United Kingdom. Their website is http://www.trinitycollege.co.uk.A free 50-page book by Danielle Perrett, “Technical Development for Harpists”, is available from that website, and it is well worth having. The

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    unknown-user on #167602

    Hi Stephanie. I just started playing harp and my teacher started me on a lever harp. They are a lot cheeper for the parents who are renting it and in the beginning of learning you don’t really need the pedals anyway. I would definately start with lever but make sure if you are planing on switching to pedal you begin with a lever harp with the same tension and string spacing. Hope that helped. P.S. I am 13 too and after just one lesson I fell in love with the harp. Good Luck!

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