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    Aleisha Cassidy on #246554

    Hi there,

    I was hoping to get some opinions in terms of good beginner harps. I have been playing for a little under a year, and I am on the hunt for a harp of my own. I am looking for something used, and have come across two potential candidates – Salvi’s “Aida” and a Sligo “Raven.” I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts or experience with these harps? I have heard good things about Salvi, but I haven’t been able to find much on Sligo. Was hoping someone would be able to offer me a little bit of insight.

    chas.thomason on #246591

    Do you have a dealer in Camac harps close by? I got a Tellen lever harp and it is wonderful. I looked at lots of different ones but in many cases the import duty on American made harps made them too expensive. (I’m in the U.K.) Try to get a harp with a good after-market support network. And then just try some and buy the one that ‘speaks to you’. Good hunting.

    Aleisha Cassidy on #246593

    Thanks for the input Charles – I really appreciate it! I wish I had a Camac dealer close by, but unfortunately there isn’t one. I’m in Canada so I understand about the US import fees. I’ll keep on searching!

    Biagio on #246595

    The Raven is made by Rick Kemper, who is widely respected among professional harp makers. His Luchair is very popular among Celtic style players. The Raven uses fluorocarbon strings which some love while others prefer gut. Since Rick until recently was a professional engineer he has not advertised, relying on word of mouth, as Rees does.

    While I have not played any of his harps I have had excellent experiences with him when ordering custom sound boxes and sound boards, or in consulting on vintage harp repair. I would absolutely trust him so if you like the Raven, by all means go for it.


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