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    Veronika on #220590

    I have an FH34 which comes with a stand, but it’s still too low for me – I need about 15 cm more. I suppose making a wooden box as a stand wouldn’t be too difficult, but I don’t have much experience of working with wood, so I wonder if anyone here has made one and has any tips.

    Teifi harps offer a plinth for their harps, and it says on the website that it also acts as an amplifier. I definitely do not want anything to amplify the sound of my harp – my next door neighbour complains enough about me practising as it is! I suppose putting some filling into the stand would help with this, but again, any advice would be welcome!

    Miriam Shilling on #220591

    Hi Veronika, How about using a lower bench? I have an adjustable one which I use for both my pedal harp and FH26. Best wishes to you. Miriam

    Veronika on #220595

    Hi Miriam, thanks, I did try that, but then I’d be sitting too low – I’m quite tall, so I do need a higher bench.

    Deette Bunn on #220604

    I have one I would be happy to mail to you as I never use it – it came with a harp. Its quite pretty. Just email me at harpladymama@gmail.com.

    harpist123 on #220605

    One time I, too, needed to elevate my. So my husband built me a very beautiful box (not out of cherry, but we stained it cherry to match my harp). It was solid and a perfect height. But if I had to make a box…forget it! So, a very easy (cheap to free) way is to find something in a “box form” sturdy enough to hold your harp, and if ugly, drape a pretty scarf over it 🙂 I’ve actually done that, before we built that pretty box. Big department stores often have a “storage bin” section where you can buy something just the right height very inexpensively. If it was actually a sturdy (plastic or wood) box, you could actually glue the pretty material over it…something that would also set off your harp, or be very neutral. Depending on the venue, it could have fringe, or beading, or simply be an inexpensive neck scarf or shawl. Make it fun! 🙂

    Tacye on #220610

    Have you asked Dusty Strings if they can provide longer legs for the stand you have?

    Veronika on #220618

    Thank you all for your replies.

    Deette, that’s a very kind offer, thank you. I’ve sent you an e-mail.

    harpist123, could you possibly post a picture of your box? (I’ll check out the storage bins, too. I like the idea of decorating the box with fabric.)

    Tacye, actually, that has never occurred to me, weirdly enough! 😀 I saw that they provide legs for the FH26, but those seemed too long, so I never investigated further.

    Gretchen Cover on #220622

    I am addressing the harp loudness. Ages ago you could buy felt strips for harps to weave in the lower strings to make the harp more quiet. You could use piano tuning felt to do the same.

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    hearpe on #220633

    Here’s what I did a couple of years ago- I searched craigslist for a stool- there were surprisingly a number and most very cheap- then cut away. The picture is the result- two “harpstands from the same stool- You can very the height easily too. I used them for awhile- the 29 Roosebeck here was sold shortly after, and I of late play my harps- a Mickel Celtic 34 and 27- mostly on the floor . A Stoney End Eve 22 and Rees 26 Sharpsicle are lap harps.

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    Miriam Shilling on #220636

    Veronika, if it’s of any help, the legs on my FH26, less than three years old, are a bit over 11 1/2 inches long.

    Veronika on #220674

    Gretchen, that’s a great idea. I’ll definitely give it a go. My harp teacher uses a “tuning sock” for tuning, but I had not heard of the felt strips and I didn’t know you could actually play with them, not just tune.

    Hearpe, those are great!

    Miriam, many thanks. I’m going to take Deette up on her offer of a stand, but it’s very kind of you.

    Thank you all!

    evolene_t on #220759

    Harpe, thank you for the photos of the harps & harp stools.
    I’m just wondering if the harps do not risk sliding off the stools : do you put felt or plastic mats on the stools to that they don’t slip? Or has this never been an issue?

    christy mooers on #222130

    I know this is a bit late, and it sounds like you’ve already found a solution, but I thought I’d toss in another potential solution in case anyone else has the same question. (Full disclosure: I’m an employee of Dusty Strings.)

    Because the feet on the FH34 are such a complex shape, they are only made in one height – about 5 inches. But there is another option, although maybe not as elegant, which is to substitute the stand for the Crescendo 34 model. It will fit on the FH34 the same way the regular stand does, and it has four tapered interchangeable legs that are available in either 5″, 8″ or 12″ heights. The slightly less elegant part is that it’s only made in sapele wood, so it wouldn’t be a perfect color match with a different species of FH34. But the legs aren’t what people mostly look at anyway, and this might be a worthwhile visual sacrifice to achieve a comfortable playing height!

    Veronika on #222287

    Thanks, Christy, that’s useful to know – I’m sure there are other tall people with the same problem…

    The FH34 is a wonderful harp. And of course the one you made for me earlier this year is the best one you’ve ever made! 🙂 And the craftsmanship is superb, not just the sound – such attention to detail.

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