Lever Harp instructor in Cleveland OH?

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    tamara-murphy on #156284

    Anyone have a recommendation? I have a fair background in theory and a bit of background with pedal harp (though far too long ago). I’d like to develop some proficiency–more than i can on my own, anyway. I have a 34-string Webster Neo-Irish and a 22×2 Stoney End double Brittany to play on, and I need some structure and direction.

    Any help is most appreciated.

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    patricia-jaeger on #156285

    Tamara, go to http://www.harpmall.com,

    mary-meyer on #156286


    If you will email me, I will share the name and number for my teacher here in Medina, OH, unless that’s too far for you to travel. She’s been a harp therapist for 12+ years, and an accomplished cellist and cello teacher.


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