Lever Harp and Accidentals–GGRRR!

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    Nelleke Kerkhoff on #167636

    Hello all.

    paul-knoke on #167637

    Hi Nelleke

    I, too, am starting to play lever harp for the first time. When I
    started harp lessons, more years ago than I will admit, my teacher
    started me on pedal harp. So I understand the problems of adapting to
    levers! I’ve found it helpful to try to flip levers on the beat. This
    keeps my movements rhythmic and seems to disrupt the music less. I
    hope this tip helps you!

    Cheers, Paul

    patricia-jaeger on #167638

    Hello! There is so much published music these days for lever harp that needs few levers, or none at all. Don’t try to play Debussy or other composers where it is vital to have many accidentals in the piece. Get the catalogs from Melody’s (Houston) and Sylvia Woods(Glendale, CA) and circle things you like; then talk to the store representative on the 800 number, whether those items have two or more lever changes per page; they know their stock very well. Kim Robertson’s Celtic Christmas collection, is quite a challenge for the left hand, for example, with hardly a lever. Your hand skills will increase with the right music choices. If later you have a pedal harp, then you can indulge in more composed repertoire. Until then, polish your finger skills by working in increasingly more challenging lever harp books.Go to http://www.trinitycollege.co.uk and request a free copy, either in print or to download from computer, “Technical Development for Harpists,” by Danielle Perrett. You will benefit by working through levels 1 through 8, of exercises which will bring up your skill level on either lever or pedal harp. Enjoy! Patricia Jaeger

    unknown-user on #167639

    Paul is exactly right.

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