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    unknown-user on #156928

    I have a lovely carbon fibre composite 38 string lever harp, very tough – 13 kgs and one inch too long to fit inside our car (twin cab ute). We have a rural property we visit….when we go there for more than 3 days, I miss my harp and the lapse in practice really shows in the following harp lesson.

    I want to make my own case…to strap the harp to the back of the ute (um, I think it is called a pickup truck in the states)…told you I’d horrify you. If you DO respond with horror….can you please accompany your response with any wild and woolley ideas for a harp case. I am very creative and think this can be done…

    You may as well know, that I HAVE thought about buying a smaller, travel friendly harp…but this harp has to travel down there sometime, as we will be living both here and there in a few years anyway.

    Thanks in advance. I know I may be laughed off the forum…

    Tacye on #156929

    When I took up the harp it was shortly after a harpist had arrived for a concert in my town with her pedal harp in its transport box, on the roof of a VW beetle.

    e-nb on #156930

    I made a flight case for a 33 string clarsach out of leftovers from a fibreglass canoe building kit which my brother had lying around. I got hinges and clasps from a hardware store. I lined it with expanded polystryene which came from a fresh fish company. I carved

    jennifer-buehler on #156931

    I was told once that Maire Ni Chathasaigh merely wraps her harps in bubble wrap instead of using a trasport container when she flies.

    unknown-user on #156932

    Thank you for your replies. It all goes into the mix…yes, I was thinking of actually making a hard case (no matter how unsightly) and yes, I had googled and read about carving foam with a carving knife. The bubble wrap is a good buffer no matter which way I go. I doubt I will get an insurance company to cover it…it is carbon fibre and pretty tough (not strings obviously) as long as I protect the levers well.

    Thank you again (and for not laughing at me as well!)

    Pat Eisenberger on #156933

    It’s a carbon fiber harp? I wouldn’t worry too much if it’s a Heartland Delight. Dave Woodworth once threw one from a second floor balcony into a hotel swimming pool – on purpose! It played just fine afterward…

    unknown-user on #156934

    No, not a Delight, but I’d like one of those too. This is quite a bit heavier (carbon fibre composite). I still have the packing box. As I predicted, I have been away on holidays and am just back recently, facing a harp lesson tomorrow with no practice – augh! I could have practised my harp everyday if only it had fitted in the car. You have revived my
    case-building in another sense….for a new, smaller harp.

    I guess the Delight in the pool proves that one can expand the venue possibilities for performances…

    stephen-vardy on #156935

    Yes, Maire Ni Chathasaigh uses/used bubble wrap. She arrived in Dunedin NZ from the UK with a bubble wrapped (big bubble) harp. Her partner Chris had to replace a couple of damaged levers.

    At that time she was using a Camac which could swap out various wooden parts via airmail if there was damage.


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