Legend of Zelda – downloadable sheet music

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    unknown-user on #146099

    So, first of all, not being a video game person, or even knowing anyone who is, I had no idea the popularity of this music. (plus, I’m really OLD – LOL!) The only previous brush I had with Zelda probably 5 or 6 years ago was being asked to play the Fairy Fountain music at a wedding – at the time the bride told me where to listen to it, and I did the best I could with something that was similar.

    alishia-joubert on #146100

    This is great! Thanks!

    angel-zhao on #146101

    Thanks for the link! The wonderful thing about Zelda music is that some of the pieces are in fact originally written for the harp.

    An Official Zelda Piano Solo Book was recently published. It might be worth a look:

    Angela Biggs on #146102

    Thanks John! My husband is a big fan of Zelda, and it’s one of the few video games I can stand; I’ve been wanting to surprise him with a Zelda piece on harp, but I don’t play “by ear” very well. These are some great starting points for harp arrangements. 🙂

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