Left-hand Rolled Chords

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    rod-c on #157583


    I always appreciate tips and insights from the many harpists on this board. I have a question. I am an intermediate adult student (been taking lessons for four years). I cannot make my left-handed rolled chords smooth. (Right handed chords are fine.)

    Tacye on #157584

    If you are thinking about them as individual notes then trying to speed that up instead or as well try squeezing all the notes in the chord as through to play it unbroken and then play ever so slightly broken and then slow that down.

    rod-c on #157585


    This is excellent advice. I will put it to work.

    priscilla-kleiner on #157586


    I am just a beginner and so I hesitate to post. I was having a difficult time with rolled chords, period. Then I read something that made me try it a different way. I started to concentrate on closing my fingers – not on playing each note. I realize it’s all the same thing – when we play a string, we close into our palms. For rolling, I could close my fingers more evenly if I thought of the closing, rather than the notes/strings. Now if I could just do it well with both hands in play!


    edith-zonneveld on #157587

    My teacher gave me a good advise that works wonderful. When one handed chords are fine and the other handed chords don’t, then play them with two

    Emily Rose on #157588

    Great tip!

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #157589

    Do exercises. 4-3-2-1 ten times, then again, and again. 1-2-3-4 the same way. Try the LaRiviere exercises. Equalize the strength in your fingers. Then look at them rhythmically, imagine they are written out with note values for each note. Usually, a rolled chord will have each note valued as a 64th-note. That value is taken from the preceding note, so the last note falls on the beat.

    rod-c on #157590

    Thanks for the great tips. There is so much collective wisdom on the board!

    Rolling along,

    Rod C.

    Seoid OC on #157591

    Another exercise that my teacher had me do for rolled chords was to build it up and add the fingers one at a time.

    M Qadeer on #157592
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