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    unknown-user on #166804

    I’m currently working on a Naderman piece that has looooots of really fast broken arpeggi in the left hand, and I’m having trouble getting it to move quickly. I’m pretty sure its because my left hand is pretty weak (especially in comparison to my right). I’ve been using Salzedo’s conditioning excercises but its seriously slow going to get my left stronger. Any ideas for other strengtheners?

    unknown-user on #166805

    It isn’t just what you do, but how you do it. I would alternate periods of faster practice 4321 with slow practice, playing firmly but without stiffness, and relaxing fully between each note. Also playing other patterns will help, 3421, 4231, 4123, 4132, 3214, etc., on cegc and other triads or seventh chords. The left hand needs extra time. It is also often not nearly as bad as one thinks. It just feels that way.

    zoraida-avila on #166806

    Try ETUDE POUR LA MAIN GAUCHE by Dewey Owens wich is
    edited in LES PLAISIRS DE LA HARPE Vol. I There is a good training pattern
    for the left hand.
    Also ETUDE for the left hand alone Nº 12 by A. Holy or another one by
    M. Mchedelov (dont remember the number).
    Gook luck.


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