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    unknown-user on #167991

    I am seven years old and I play the lap harp I got for Christmas last
    year. I would like to know if learning to play the piano would help
    me with my lap harp? I also would like to know if there are any harp
    teachers near Harleyville (Lansdale) PA. Thank you.

    Judy Lavelle

    Mindy Cutcher on #167992

    Dear Judy, Yes, piano helps with learning the harp, but is not neccesary to start. I am a harp teacher in Oreland, PA (near Fort Washington). You can email me with questions or inquire about lessons- mcutcher@juno.com. Seven is a great age to start.
    Mindy Cutcher

    unknown-user on #167993

    Dear Judy,
    I played piano for three years before I started harp and it really helped me. As you know, piano and harp are kind of set up the same, so many things you learn on one will help with the other. I have been playing harp for almost three years and people have told me it seems like I’ve been taking lessons for longer than that. And I’m sure that is because I took piano first. So I think it’s a good idea to take a few(or more) piano lessons.

    Rafaella Fox

    Ruth Mar on #167994

    I’ve played the piano for 11 years and the harp for 2 1/2, and I think that the piano both helps and hinders, though helps more.

    unknown-user on #167995

    Dear Judy,
    The piano is really not an important instrument to know to play the harp, at least not in the beginning. The piano is nothing but a harp on its side; it’s set up the same way as a harp and doesn’t sound nearly as nice. I took piano for two years when I was young and it did nothing for me whatsoever when I started on the harp. Perhaps when you’ve been playing the harp for a while, you might want piano lessons, but don’t waste your time on it now.

    unknown-user on #167996

    Dear Judy, I strongly suggest that you consider taking piano lessons. It is the basic instrument for any musician. For someone as young as you are, it is unlikely that you will have trouble switching from one instrument to another, but learning piano will greatly help your musical ability. The piano is not a harp in it’s side. The piano has a key for every note. It is easier to learn to read music and understand theory on a piano. Learning piano will make learning the harp easier and more efficient. And don’t forget – it never hurts to learn more.

    unknown-user on #167997

    i started at age 9 with no prior piano lessons, nor any musical education of any form previous to picking the harp- and I learned fine… i’d say piano would help- but no, you don’t need it- though it is nice to be a jump ahead of the gang. Ha! by now, your probably a teenager.. welll that’s all for now…..

    unknown-user on #167998

    Hello, I am 16 and I have played violin for about 5 years now. In the orchestra at my school we just learned that we are getting a harp for next year, I was wondering if playing the violin so long will help with learning how to play since they said that they are going to have a private teacher come up to help someone learn how to play and everything.

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