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    Jodi Ann Tolman

    I’m new to playing the harp–have been playing for about a month–and am looking for some simple but beautiful LDS hymn arrangements for the lever harp. I came across arrangements by Julie Keyes for purchase online, but there is no way to see a sample of the music to get an idea of difficulty, although most of them say they are an intermediate level. Does anyone know where I could find some simple arrangements of LDS hymns? Something that has a melody line in the right hand and an accompaniment line in the left hand for example?


    I’m not familiar with Ms Keyes arrangements but I Just recently bought several books by JM Staples. They come in graded arrangements. I would suggest a 1 or 2? You can find it at

    I don’t know if it’s still available but Suzanne Balderston has a book of LDS hymns. Ray Pool has a book titled “Come, Come Ye Saints” in fake book format that’s great. Something to work up to would be the books by Louise Pratt. If you don’t have Hymns Made Easy most of the hymns can be found online at Some of the arrangements could be played as written but they also include chords so you can improvise under the melody.

    Hands down, my biggest recommendation would be Sylvia Woods Hymns and Wedding Music for All Harps. Many of the hymns in this book are found in the LDS hymn book. The arrangements are fairly easy and include chord symbols for playing with another instrument or for dressing up the arrangement.


    On Harp Connection you are able to view some samples of music arranged by Julie Gaisford Keyes:

    Jodi Ann Tolman

    Fantastic! Thank you for these resources!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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