Lap Harp Strings

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    unknown-user on #164116

    Does anyone know if the strings for a lap harp have to be ‘monfilament nylon’? I find the red is very dull, which makes it hard to find when playing. I would like to replace the C strings with the same red strings that I have

    barbara-brundage on #164117

    Especially for small harps, it’s best to ask the manufacturer before changing string types.

    bernhard-schmidt on #164118

    Yes I agree with you I found often the bass range of the small harps a little dull and string tension become lighter at that bass range.
    So, a lap harp can have wrapped strings especially at the bass range where the string length become relatively

    Audrey Nickel on #164119

    Perhaps another, less potentially damaging, option is to do something to make the strings more visible.

    unknown-user on #164120

    I have used the permanent marker solution. Temporarily that was fine. (I was waiting for a replacement string) But as I practiced the red transferred slightly to the other strings so that the C faded and the others turned a very pale pink.

    Someone told me that Sharpie makes a small pen that actually uses paint. That might work better.

    Tacye on #164121

    Different brands of nylon may have different colourings, and you will be able to change brands, keeping the thickness the same, without problem.

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