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    unknown-user on #164173
    Leigh Griffith on #164174

    I don’t have experience with the Brittany, but I do have an Eve. I love
    it and it has great sound for its size. the only thing is that the
    string spacing is much narrower than pedal harp spacing. It is also
    much lighter in tension. I just pulled out my Eve (after playing only
    my new Triplett 34 string for two weeks) and the strings felt very close together! I don’t know if there is a lap harp with wider spacing or not.

    Anyone know what the string spacing id like on other lap harps?

    Don’t know if this helps,

    jennifer-buehler on #164175

    I don’t think the spacing on the Brittany is so close together nor is the tension so light.

    unknown-user on #164176

    Harpsickle specifically advertises that its lap harps have concert-harp spacing. I have a full sickle (26 strings, fully levered) and I love it.

    Audrey Nickel on #164177

    I don’t know how it compares with pedal harp, but there’s no difference in spacing between my Harpsicle and my Ravenna (the Harpsicle does have much lighter tension, though)


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