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    mr-s on #148128

    Hello, i watched today on youtube a tow videos one by a harpist dont remember her name she was playing it in a church and was choir listening to her, and another video by Isabelle Moretti, i saw tow different playing of the Sdrucciolando in page number 7 at the end of this page, Isabelle Moretti played it as a Glissando, but the other harpist played it as 1234 r.h, 1234,l.h, as i noticed or did something like that, i am now practicing it, and play it as Moretti a slow glissando in tempo, and i have some other questions about this piece, in page no 2 the second bar when we play B,G,D,B , up B and before it D,B,G,F, D up, i do play the high B in the 2 finger of left hand as the spaces

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #148129

    If you are talking about the jump up to the B, I think your solution should work just fine. I think most harpists jump, since it is too far to reach for most of us. I tried various solutions but I went back to jumping.

    mr-s on #148130

    Hi Elizabeth, do you play the high B by the 2nd finger L.H ? i do it like that. but i saw a harpist on you tube play it the R.H……….

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #148131

    No, I jump to the B with the right hand thumb, just as it looks in the music.

    anita-briggs–2 on #148132

    An easy and fool-proof solution is simply to take the third-beat f (last note before the notorious b flat) with the second finger of the left hand.

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