Krumpholtz Harp Concerto

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    mr-s on #185521

    Hello Friends , I am looking to get back the Score of Krumpholtz Harp concerto number 5 , I had that music , the harp part, and Piano or Orchestra, but as I had lost all of my Music in Syria and can’t get it back , I miss some Special music I had and don’t have it at all, and this concerto is beautiful for me, I miss my music with all the written notes on it so much , really miss it, where can I get this Music of this concerto ?

    Much Love .

    susan-koskelin on #185522

    Mr. S,

    You can download and print a copy of the score for this concerto at:

    mr-s on #185528

    Dear Susan Koskelin , I had another edition very differnt from this I copied it when I was studying in Russia,it sounds more interesting than this , any way thank you for your help and care , it’s difficult to be used playing specific edition and suddenly don’t have it at all .

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