Korngold Violin Concerto – harp part misprints

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    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #146654

    I have played the Korngold Violin Concerto a few times, including on the recording with James Ehnes. I just received a nicely engraved harp part published by Schott which has some discrepancies from my previous part. In the Romance (2nd mv’t), one bar before rehearsal #40, this version has an A natural moving to an Ab. In my other one, they were both Ab’s. Three bars after reh. #49, there’s a D which had been an E in the previous version. In the 3rd mv’t, two bars before reh. #94, there is an 8va written on top of the treble clef, and the bass clef chord is an octave too high. Two bars after reh #106, the chord in the bass clef had an 8bas under it and now this is missing, making it necessary to leave out the top note, which is already in the treble chord. I suspect that my previous version was correct, since it was, I believe, Korngold’s own writing.

    louise-vickerman on #146655

    Hi Elizabeth, we played this not too long ago so I pulled out my part. My edition is also published by Schott but seems to have the corrections you are talking about (I have 2 Ab’s before #40, I have an E 3 after #49, no 8va before #94 & the 8vb is printed in the LH after #106), leading me to believe that your earlier version is the correct one.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #146656

    Thanks! I have also written to Schott to alert them to the problem.

    louise-vickerman on #146657

    So does Schott have two editions floating around in the rental part pool? My copy had your (original Korngold) indications printed in the part. If your nice clean engraved part is wrong & it is more recent then they do need to correct it. BTW, we just had James Ehnes here in Nov. for the Walton concerto, that was a fun part & he’s an absolutely fantastic player!

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #146658

    I heard back from Schott; the A natural to A flat is correct, and the rest were indeed errata.

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