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    HBrock25 on #156214

    I am about to purchase a King David’s Kinnor Harp 10 strings in the biblical scale and I have no idea how to play it. I’ve been wanting to learn an instrument for awhile and I am completely captivated by this harp. So my question is, where can purchase sheet music / songbook or an instruction manual on learning how to play? Thank you *

    jessica-wolff on #156215

    Check with the person selling you the harp or with the maker, if that is not the same person. Other than that you might have a hard time finding instructional materials for such an arcane instrument. Also check out YouTube: there are several videos featuring the kinnor. Watch them and/or e-mail the performers for advice.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #156216

    The kinnor harp is not a harp, is a kind of lyre. Their Atara harp is a harp. I think you should get more information on the subject first.

    lisa-davis on #156217

    These are being marketed all over the Internet as harps… Even a person who has done their research may not know the differences between a harp and a lyre when they are being sold and marketed interchangeably…… Even several of the most reputable makers are listing these as lyre/harps, so it would make me confused, too.

    Anyhoo, I agree with the 1st reply, to check with the person you are purchasing the kinnor from. Many will come with an instruction booklet when purchased from a manufacturer or dealer. if you are purchasing 2nd hand or through some other source, then I would still contact a manufacturer or dealer on-line and see if they would be willing to sell you one of the info books they ship with their kinnors, or if they have suggestions on where to look.

    I know these are tuned, played, and held differently from the harps generally discussed on this forum. you might want to adjust your Internet searches to look for 10-string Kinnor or 10-string Lyre to have a better chance at finding accurate info. YouTube might be another place to search.

    best of luck in your new endeavor. :-)

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #156218

    I contacted the manufacturer, and they were very nice, but it does not sound like they want to stop misleading the public as to what kind of instrument they are getting.

    jessica-wolff on #156219

    I think it’s because of the “King David” association; he probably played a lyre rather than an actual harp, no?

    david-crabtree on #156220

    The kinnor or Davidic is a lyre because it has a bridge unlike a harp.

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