Kantele as a second instrument for a harpist

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    unknown-user on #145359

    Hi all!

    Kantele is a Finnish instrument, which is really similar to harp. Yuko Fukuhara is a harpist and kantele player from Tokyo, who kindly wrote an article about her experience of learning to play kantele, so I wanted to share it with you… 🙂


    adam-b-harris on #145360

    I’ve only just become recently aware of these instruments and would love one myself. Where do you get one from though? Finland?

    Sarah Mullen on #145361

    I’ve been interested in studying the kantele for years.

    unknown-user on #145362

    Hello Adam,
    It might be interesting for you to check http://www.koistinenkantele.com This is the main manufacturer of kantele in Finland, their instruments are truly great. Saying this because I play one of those too.

    daniele-di on #145363

    wow it really sounds beautiful, but how can you learn outside Finland?
    I found this lady which is amazing: http://www.youtube.com/user/Olgagusli/videos?view=0 …it`s also the only reference I found about this instrument

    adam-b-harris on #145364

    Thanks for the information Olga, will check them out.

    unknown-user on #145365

    Thanks for nice words Daniele, this happens to be me :-) Where do you come from? There are quite a few players around the globe but it of course depends on what level you’re aiming at. I’m currently working on tutorials for concert kantele that will be partly available on internet.

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