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    HBrock25 on #147173

    Hi, I am new to the harp and have only just completed my grade 4. I am 21 years old and so far I really love it!. I know that it would be a lot of work if I want to pursue a professional harp career but I am prepared to do what it takes I just need to know what to do in order to get there. I am really interested in pursuing careers in :

    1) Harp Therapy
    2) Orchestral Harp
    3) Becoming a teacher later on
    4) Playing at festivals/weddings etc

    Please could someone help let me know what qualifications I need in order to do this and I will be very grateful 🙂 Thank you 🙂

    alice-freeman on #147174

    For harp therapy, you will get answers to some of your questions by exploring the following Web sites:

    For music thanatology:

    alice-freeman on #147175

    The International Harp Therapy Program link should be: http://harprealm.com/

    patricia-jaeger on #147176

    Regarding Orchestral Harp, there are few openings, and when there are, many competitors for the Principal Harp position, in large cities. Community Orchestras would not pay a living wage. There are at least three publications to own, that have excerpts of just the more difficult harp parts in orchestra repertoire: Principal Harp (by Sarah Bullen, published by Vanderbilt Music Company; with a CD of those excerpts, and also generous text tips throughout the book); Orchester Probespiel: Harfe

    Sophia Paterson on #147177

    Thank you that’s very helpful, I have just got myself a new harp teacher and will talk to her about it this week. I was also wondering what qualifications I might need to be able to be a orchestral harpist? Do I need to get to grade 8 or do I need more other qualifications?

    Tacye on #147178

    I started being able to tackle harp parts in youth orchestras around grade 7 and became comfortable in amateur/semi pro orchestras over the several years after I took grade 8.

    Sophia Paterson on #147179

    Thank you Tacye, I see I am a long way off to being able to play in an orchestra! I am currently studying at university but not music. I am working on completing my grades but when I have finished this would it be possible to do a degree in the harp? I did not do music at school but I am thinking of working through the theory grades as well to catch up with that. If only I had known this whilst I was at school! I live in the UK do you know any places where I might be able to do a good degree in harp?

    Tacye on #147180

    Some orchestral music will be playable long before that – some parts you could manage now – but there is a big difference between being able to join an orchestra for one particular piece which has a sensible harp part and being able to sign up for all their concerts in the next year before knowing what pieces they will throw at you.

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