Just one?

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    kay-lister on #163610

    Don’t get me wrong here.

    lydia-covey on #163611

    Yes, I, a poor student who is still working on paying off my current harp; owns one harp.

    Allison Stewart on #163612

    I have one harp, a Dusty FH36S, in lyptus.

    Seoid OC on #163613

    I’m sure a lot of people only have one harp!

    andy-b on #163614

    It is very nice to have more than one harp, so you can take a lighter harp to gigs or traveling if you want, or to loan or rent out if another harpist is in need. And also just to have the peace of mind that if one of your harps is ever in the shop for repairs, you still have something else to play.

    Denise Lockamy on #163615

    I have only one harp, but I’m looking for a small travel harp, too.

    unknown-user on #163616

    I do not feel called to pedal harps, at least at this point in time, but I agree with you Seoid, that (providing you have a reasonable chance to make the payments) that taking a loan is better than saving up. The problem with saving is that you will likely get 90% + of the money and the s–t hits the fan and it gets used up in some crisis or other. Also, would you value the time you spent with the instrument? If the answer is (I hope) yes; then you want to consider that the value gained from having the instrument sooner is probably well worth the cost of borrowing. For instance, if it would take you 5-7 years to save $20,000. for a pedal harp would you value the cost of borrowing (likely about $2,500. –

    unknown-user on #163617

    I have my original Troubador, with beautiful tone and lousy levers, and my 23 with gorgeous tone and slowly aging out of regulability. I may be getting another lever harp soon, or not, depending. I dearly long for a second pedal harp, because I can rehearse duos then, and play with my students, and if needed, have the other one repaired. But the cost of strings then, oh boy!

    missy lannon on #163618

    i only own one harp, a sharpsicle my hubby bought me for my birthday last year.

    jennifer-buehler on #163619

    I just got my second harp!

    unknown-user on #163620

    Hi Kay,

    Yes, I have just one. But I must agree with my good friend Lydia, although I want a pedal harp very badly, I love my lever harp. I have had often considered trading or selling it but, I don’t think that I could bring myself to do it! I have a Musicmakers Gothic 31. My brother built if for me five years ago. Since then, it had developed a beautiful sound.

    My dream harp? Lydia and I

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