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    I came upon the site, to find that Judith Liber, internationally known harp professional, has a new 2008 harp method available from this Italian publisher. It is 112 pages, price is 28 euros,


    I don’t have it, Patricia, but it’s been on Sylvia Woods’s site for a while now.


    I have reviewed it for American String Teacher. It has much of interest in it. It is not perhaps a complete total method, but a useful supplement or part of training.


    Patricia, I found this publication at and ordered it.


    My copy has just arrived.

    Elisa Netzer

    she is my teacher and i have read her book. i reccomend this book to all harpist, she is a wonderful teacher and she gives advices to become a great harpist!

    i’m sorry for my english..i’m swiss 🙂


    The only other harpist I know of to use that scale fingering is Judy Loman. I think it may be used in Europe. I don’t care for it, myself. I like that she made it inspirational, and gave harpists something to aim for besides getting a job and playing the right notes.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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