Judith Liber Masterclass Italy

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    Misty Harrison on #149643

    Has anyone from North America gone to this masterclass in Italy and what was your experience?

    Elisa Netzer on #149644

    Hi, I’m not from North America but it’s 5 years that I’m going to this masterclass and maybe I can share some of my experience 🙂

    Every year it is a wonderful moment. the master is located in this wonderful italian villa. You have to attend to all the lessons because she teach in a way that can be interesting for anyone that’s listening, but you still have planty of time to practice because we have the keys of the villa, and you can stay there all night long if you want. Normally the level is very hig and the lessons are never boring, she’s really great not only teaching harp but also sharing her experience that is really preacious. She’s great on helping memory, nerves, learning, plan the study etc. You go home with a lot of musical ideas.Every year a lot of people that’s preparing international competitions (israel, nehterland, bloomington) goes to her.there is an opening concert with great artists (belmondo, kumiko inoue, pasetti etc..)and a closing concert performed by the partecipants.

    Misty Harrison on #149645

    Thanks Elisa. That really helps. It sounds wonderful.

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