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    Lori Judd on #148098

    Does anyone happen to have a copy of the harp part to John Rutter’s Requiem?

    catherine-rogers on #148099

    This is not a difficult part but you must count. Highly recommend buying a good recording and following along with the part as you listen. There are seven movements; harp is tacet on No. 2 only. It’s a small orchestra so harp is exposed. On the first page of mvt. 1 the harp is doubled by cello.

    For me the trickiest is No. 4, the “Sanctus,” because this movement is fast (depending on the conductor). You have a 5 eighth-note descending pattern in the left hand and will need to decide how best to finger it for you personally. At the same time in the right hand you have six oscillating figures of coupled 16th notes that also descend. It’s in 3/4 so the last beat notes move up instead of down. (You see why a recording is helpful.) These patterns repeat so it’s best to memorize them. The right hand is doubled here by the glockenspiel, which helps.

    MusikFind1 on #148100

    The harp part for both versions is on rental only, so ask the librarian to order the music early. Most publishers will send rental music 10 weeks in advance of the first performance. The scores are available for sale from any sheet music dealer.

    RUTTER, John (b.1945)
    2 Versions. Texts (in Latin and English) from the Missa pro Defunctis,
    the Book of Common Prayer, and the Psalms.
    Requiem aeternam, Out of the deep, Pie Jesu, Sanctus, Angus Dei –
    The Lord is my shepherd, Lux aeterna.
    Soprano Solo—Mixed Choir—Small Orchestra.
    Soprano Solo—Mixed Choir—Chamber Ensemble.
    Duration:37:00 to 40:00.
    Pub: HINSHAW MUSIC for the U.S.A. only. 1-800-568-7805
    Oxford U.P. via C F Peters Corporation for Central & South America.
    Oxford University Press for all other countries.

    Alison on #148101

    Hi Lori, I just found my copy, there’s 22 pages, a lot to sort out. I don’t remember much past the first page, so will see if I can get it scanned tomorrow.

    Lori Judd on #148102

    Oh, Alison, I would SO appreciate that!

    Sarah Crocker on #148103

    I agree with Catherine on all points – getting a recording and knowing how the harp part fits in will help so much, especially if you have limited rehearsal time. Plus, it’s a wonderful work, and you will enjoy listening to it!

    The Sanctus is definitely the trickiest out of all the movements, mainly because of the speed. Memorizing the pattern is the best way to learn this movement. The 6th Mvt, The Lord is My Sheperd, is a duet with the oboe. It is not hard, but the harp is very exposed the whole movement, particularly in the beginning. The 7th Mvt, Lux aeterna, is not especially difficult either, but takes a little more work than the other movements. You are playing triplets, but there is a lot of give and take in the vocal part, so you need to be able to watch the conductor for a little push and pull. The other movements are pretty straightfoward.

    I have performed this piece many times, and I love it more every time I play it! You can really hear every note of the harp part, and it speaks extremely well. Have fun and good luck!

    eliza-morrison on #148104

    The piece is not difficult, and is fun to play. I agree with previous posters that the Sanctus is the most challenging movement. It moves quickly and any mistake will be painfully obvious. Even the Sanctus is not really hard, but you do have to be on your toes! Enjoy–it’s a rewarding piece to play.

    David Ice on #148105

    I feel I should jump in with a few words of advice about performing this piece.

    catherine-rogers on #148106

    I’m playing the Rutter this weekend. It’s been a rough week for other reasons and your post really brought a smile to my face. Thanks, David!

    cc-chiu on #148107

    Wow, thanks for introducing me to this beautiful piece of music! I looked it up on YouTube and I’m enjoying it very much.

    HarpMom 2009 on #148108

    Here are links to another performance of the Requiem.

    This performance was by the choirs from two high schools, the chamber orchestra from another, and the harpist from yet another.

    David Ice on #148109

    With reference to my earlier post, after playing the performance this afternoon (which was even faster than the rehearsal, due to the nerves of the soloists and choir) I have decided that I will write my own requiem, entitled REQUIEM VIVACE,

    sherry-lenox on #148110

    Laughing so hard I’m practically choking………imagining the Processional of the Perky Prancing Pallbearers.

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