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    Antonia Miranda

    Hello all!

    Joanna Newsom is so inspirational! She is one of the reasons I wanted to play harp. I just wanted to say I have a Joanna Newsom obsession! I love her new Have One On Me album. I have been learning the song 81′ by ear. I was able to find sheet music online for her Milk Eyed Mender album, but have not been able to find sheet music for her album. Any one else have a Joanna Newsom obsession? Anyone know where I can find sheet music to her new album Have One On Me?

    Antonia Miranda


    Well, I will say that when I first heard her I could immediately appreciate what she did, but it didn’t really suite my tastes.

    However, over time I have grown very fond of her music. Not obsessed by any means, but she definitely has a style and approach that can grow on you even if it doesn’t bowl you over right off the bat.

    But I will say, it doesn’t matter who it is, every musician should have some one they look up to and who inspires them. Someone who they can be at least a little obsessive about (in a non stalkerish kind of way of course).


    Are you familiar with the Joanna Newson Transcription Project website?

    This is where I find music.

    Natalya Zarraga

    I love Joanna Newsom! I first saw her video for “Sprout and The Bean” sometime ago and I was mesmerized. She is so quirky, unique, and talented. I will admit her voice was an acquired taste at first, but I love it. She is amazing.

    Antonia Miranda

    Thank You!!! It helped me out a lot. I learned Peach Plumb Pear and 81′! 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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