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    Because I’m a HUGE J New fan, I figured I’d share some news with any of you that are interested, but probably not updated on her in awhile. She got married on Saturday, the 21st to Andy Samberg (SNL comedian). They had been dating for 5 years before they announced their engagement this last February.

    Another bit of news! Her label, Drag City, hinted in their last newsletter that there was something coming in November but couldn’t release many details on- yet. It was then confirmed in a forum thread (that someone had found from May 2013) that a DC rep had mentioned that Joannas album would be released in November. Put 2 and 2 together and everyone is now anticipating her album coming out in November of this year! HOW EXCITING!!!!

    Just an update for anyone that was interested. I can keep this thread going if I find out anything else. Not sure if there are any other die hard JNew fans on here like myself.



    Thanks Tracey! We’d LOVE it if you’d keep HC up to date on Joanna Newsom. Thanks!


    WELL, it will be my pleasure 🙂


    I rented a harp to her when she was on vacation two summers ago on Cape Cod. She’s a very sweet girl.


    Thats awesome! She seems like a very sweet and genuine person. Was she renting it for a performance or just to play while on vacation? (I hate not being able to play, when I’m away from my harp lol) Also, what style of harp did you rent to her?


    I rented her one of my Swanson Empires, which she said she liked. It was just to have something to play on vacation.


    What a cool story! 🙂 Funny how shes just like some of the rest of us, can’t even take a vacation w/ out having a harp within arms reach.


    Just curious (since this is already a JNew thread), what do you guys know about her harps? Perhaps some of you have maybe read different articles than I have but I know that she had a used style 15, which was her first pedal harp, and I’d always assumed she had a 23, because that is most often what I see her on stage with. However, I do know she rents harps for a lot of her shows, because of the obvious AND I believe I read somewhere that she rented a harp to use to record Ys (not suer what style though). Which makes me question if she actually has a 23? I went to L&H recently and someone there said that they were making her a Prince William (DREAM HARP!!!). Has anyone read anything in interviews?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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