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    Gretchen Cover on #191356

    After seeing a photo of harpist/instructor Jeanne Chalifoux on HC about a month ago, I was inspired to contact her to say how much her teaching inspired me. Unfortunately, in talking to her family to get her telephone number, I learned she had a serious fall a year ago and had to move to assisted living. In addition, she had to sell her harps and can no longer play. I was cautioned that the fall had affected her mental abilities and like older people, she has good and bad days. With trepidation, I called Jeanne last week hoping she would know me. When I asked if she remembered me, Jeanne replied “Of course, it would be like not remembering your children.”

    With permission and encouragement from her family, I would be happy to give any of Jeanne’s students her contact info. Jeanne is now 86. If you want to talk or write to her, this is the time. Please contact me off the HC forum for her address and telephone number. My direct email address is on my HC profile, which is more reliable than the HC email system. If you write a note, please include a self-address stamped envelope and card for her to reply. She would love a phone call. She likes to talk and keep busy.

    PS/ I put this on the teaching forum because teaching has been Jeanne’s lifelong passion.

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