Jack and the Beanstalk

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    Cheshire Cat on #156803

    Well, i’ve really done it this time!!

    I went along with friends to audition as a fairy for jack and the beanstalk and have found myself becoming “the magical” self playing harp.

    Tacye on #156804

    Relax- the joy of ‘playing along’ is you get to leave out all the tricky notes.

    Tony G on #156805

    I don’t know if it will sound great, depending on how many weird keys they plan to cycle through and how the voicing of the arrangement looks, but you could try just playing whatever notes from the chords you do have.

    . I.e. if you’re looking at an A major chord, play just the A and the E, and leave the C# out. Or if you’re looking at a C# major, just play the F and leave the root C# and fifth G# off.

    Good luck!

    Tony G on #156806

    Woops!!! I didn’t even notice I was saying the exact same thing as the person above me. Sorry! 🙂

    I could’ve shortened my post to, “I concur.” :p

    Cheshire Cat on #156807

    Thanks guys, i’ll give it a go!

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