J. Molnar’s book of exercises

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    unknown-user on #87906

    Hello to all –

    My teacher has been giving me a series of evil but effective little exercies to improve my technique.

    unknown-user on #87907

    Hi Rebecca,

    I have an old copy of this work: “Practical Method for Grand Harp and Irish Harp” by Josef Molnar, Volume 1. So, assume there is a volume 2 as well.

    I haven’t seen this

    unknown-user on #87908

    Well, I looked at the usual spots for music with no luck.

    unknown-user on #87909

    I will check out this site.

    patricia-jaeger on #87910

    Yes, volumes 1 and 2 of Molnar’s exercise books, that I also use, are very good, and used to be carried by Lyon and Healy. Sometimes, imported music is too expensive to carry so they remove it from their lists.When Molnar left Austria to begin his career in Japan, he was already a fine professional harpist. He distilled the European technique for his students, into the most useful excercises for brilliant technique, and the result of his years of teaching is that Japan has produced many prizewinning harp virtuosos. Perhaps Holywell Music in England has these volumes, which must not be photocopied, of course, since Molnar is still alive.

    unknown-user on #87911

    Thank you – I will try Holywell.

    unknown-user on #87912

    Let us know what you find. Now I am really curious.


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