Israel Harp Competition updates disappearance

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    Philippa mcauliffe on #221992


    Anyone know what happened to the updates that briefly appeared this year from Israel? They stopped before the semifinals and I can no longer even find the ones that were written before that.

    There is also a promise from the director in her Q+A on here of a filmed semifinal and final on you-tube but they are not up yet either.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #221993

    I went to their web site and discovered that the first prize winner was Lenka Petrovic from Serbia, second prize was Joel von Lerber from Switzerland, third prize was Marina Fradin from Israel.

    Philippa mcauliffe on #221994

    Hi Elizabeth, hope you are well. I often think of you – especially when playing Tournier – you may not remember you suggested I might like to learn Berceuse Russe years ago in Italy. You were right and I like Images, Au Matin and the 2nd Sonatine now as well. Keep thinking about learning Feerie as well but so far not got around to it.

    Yes, I saw the results too but the writing from the correspondent in Israel appears to have fallen by the wayside and been removed! You would think someone there would be keen to write about it for them.

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