Is this normal? (Dusty Strings FH26 Double Strung)

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    Salvatore Leggieri on #221950

    Hello! I recently purchased this Dusty Strings FH26 Double Strung used, but in great condition. However, after having the harp in my home for a few weeks, I am starting to notice that there is some “wobble” in the sides of the soundbox. The soundboard itself has a very gently belly to it, so I know that that is not an issue, but I am beginning to wonder about the soundbox. I do not know exactly when the harp was built, only that it was after 2014. Here are some photos, please take a look and let me know if this is something that I should reach out to the manufacturer for. Thanks!

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    wil-weten on #221955

    The picture is not very clear to me, but I get the impression the soundboard may be coming loose from the soundbox.
    Yes, in your case, I would definitely contact the manufacturer and ask for advice.

    Biagio on #221963

    Second the tentative diagnosis, Wil. Not only does the string force pull the SB up, it also pulls the sides in. Then a slow separation develops if inner braces have slipped or been removed. As a used harp it will not be covered by the original warranty.

    There is only one reliable solution without removing the SB and it is a messy one. A technician would remove all strings and the neck-pillar, then lay in epoxy coated carbon fiber tape on the inner edges where box meets SB. He/she would have to go in through the string access holes after thoroughly masking then from the epoxy. I don’t know how much a tech would charge for this; probably at least $500.


    Salvatore Leggieri on #221964

    Thanks you wil-weten and Biagio for the advice. I did end up reaching out to the Dusty Strings, and after having them review the photos, they think that the previous owner stored the harp in an environment that was just a little too dry. As far as soundboard separation, I did thoroughly look over the seams both inside and outside for every body panel, and did not see any separation or cracking. Everything appears to be very solid on the harp, but the bulges on each side where the inner ribs are just worried me a bit. I’ll make sure I keep an eye on the humidity, and if anything else pops up I’ll take it from there.

    wil-weten on #221965

    You are right Biagio: “All the Dusty Strings harps are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship to the original owner for five years from date of purchase. The Ravenna is only warranted for two years. If there is a problem that is covered under the warranty, the harp will be repaired or replaced at no charge. Shipping costs to and from Dusty Strings in America are the responsibility of the owner. ”

    So, perhaps the buyer should contact the original owner of that harp and try to work something out.

    Edit: when I posted this message I had not seen the original poster had just posted a new message.

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