Is there a way to strap my Dusty Strings to my chest and play it while standing?

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    sirensinger on #207212

    I have an old 26 string accousic dusty strings harp with detatchable legs. It weights about 15 pounds. I was wondering if there was any way I could attach the harp to my body to allow me to play while standing.

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    Allison Stevick on #207395

    I have a wide guitar strap for my Stoney End Brittany. I don’t know if that would work for yours or not, but I like it for mine. My harp is only about 9-10 lbs, so I can play it for quite a while before it starts feeling heavy.

    Biagio on #207402

    You might take a look at jury rigging Camac’s hatness for the DHC Blue line. It looks complicated but really is not: just a body harness (similar to that used by a tree climber or SCUBA diver) with adjustable straps that connect to the knee and pillar. Some 2″ nylon webbing, a little Velcro and some buckles and you’re in business.


    sirensinger on #208378

    So I looked into the guitar strap method and I don’t think it will work with my harp because I don’t see where I could possibly attach it. I also loked into the other harness mentioned and it looks like it’s only for electric harps. any other ideas? I’m going to try to upload a photo of my harp this time.

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    evolene_t on #209430

    Hello Anna,

    It’s been a few month since you posted this, and I was wondering if you had found a solution? I am renting the same harp, only in double-strung.

    The only thing I’ve found is not a strap or harness, and you wouldn’t be able to play this FH26 standing up. However, it might change the way you sit down. I’m talking about the harpsicle stick featured in Laurie Riley’s video about double-strung harps (about min 7 on the Youtube video).

    This is what she’s talking about :
    Harpiscle Stick

    And you can find more infos here : Harpsicle Stick –

    Hope that can help! But if you find the strap solution, I’m definitely interested in hearing about that.

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