Is the Prelude 40 worth it?

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    unknown-user on #159976

    I was looking at Lyon & Healy site and saw the Prelude 40 is on sale right now. Is it worth it? I was going to get the Ogden 34 cause its cheaper, but now I’m rethinking.
    Is it worth it to get the prelude instead of the ogden? Its like 1840 more but the Prelude is 960 off.

    How does the Prelude sound,volume compare to the Ogden?

    I mean if I’m gonna spend a great deal of money on a lever harp might as well go all out.

    Donna O on #159977

    Again it depends on where you intend to be with a harp eventually, pedal or lever .

    brook-boddie on #159978


    The Prelude 40 is a great harp.

    unknown-user on #159979

    Hmmm. Thank you for all the advise. Too bad, I can’t seem to find like any Prelude 40 on youtube to listen to and compare.

    I maybe able to swing the extra expensive and plus its on sale. I’ve seen lots of good response about it in the forum. Is anyone having problems with it?

    I saw one natural color one in the classified section for 3500$ used. I’m not sure if I want to buy used because if something goes wrong I can’t return or exchange.

    Again thank you for all the advice.

    brook-boddie on #159980


    The Lyon and Healy CPO website shows three used Prelude 40’s:

    I’ve purchased harps from their CPO stock before, and they’ve been excellent to work with.

    unknown-user on #159981

    coool. thanks….awe

    unknown-user on #159982

    forgot to ask ..if the prelude 40 is good for playing folk/ scottish music? compared to the ogden?

    Zen Sojourner on #159983

    Personally if I didn’t want to play classical music I wouldn’t buy any L&H.

    Zen Sojourner on #159984

    Looking at that Prelude a little closer I noticed something odd, namely that it is only levered along C6 to C (the top two strings and the bottom 2 strings are not levered).

    Jerusha Amado on #159985

    <<The Merlin R-harp (check out this sound clip) gives you the low B, which most harps of that size don’t give you plus it only weighs 18 lbs. >>


    I was looking at Rick’s website some time ago, and I thought that I had read that the Merlin R weighs 22 lbs.

    Zen Sojourner on #159986

    Yup, it’s 22 lbs, I have no idea where I got 18 lbs!

    Jerusha Amado on #159987

    Not a problem, Zen!

    unknown-user on #159988

    wow..thanks for the tips…I will look more into it. I am not going towards concert but more towards folk/scottish type tunes. If anyone else has any suggestion please..

    Indra Prabowo on #159989

    Hi Vivian,
    I don’t know how Ogden sounds, but I used these two channels for reference when I purchased my Prelude since many dealers don’t have Prelude’s sound clips :

    I’ve got my Prelude from L&H CPO and I really recommend them. I noticed they have some Prelude 40 at discounted price now, but maybe you can’t trade in the harp for a new pedal harp someday if you buy from L&H CPO.
    My long term goal is playing the pedal harp someday, but I won’t mind stuck with my Prelude for many years to come if it didn’t happened. They really are very lovely harps.

    Good luck with your decision!


    unknown-user on #159990

    OMG thank you so much.

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