Is the Camac harp trolley any good?

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    Helen Tang on #161883

    I am thinking of

    andy-b on #161884

    Hi, Helen: I have a Camac Clio and absolutely love it! The Camac trolley has a small peg that fits into a hole in the base of the harp. I have the three-piece transport cover I use with it, and it has a slot in the base cover for the peg as well as a slot in the back of the cover for the “hook” part of the trolley to fit into the soundhole, so it can be used with a full transport cover. I would imagine the dust cover would have the slot as well, but I’m not sure.

    The thing I didn’t like about

    barbara-low on #161885

    If you are going to be moving your harp, it is a good idea to get the transport cover. It does a good job protecting your harp, and is worth the added expense which is really small compared to what you are paying to purchase a harp.

    I’ve never liked moving harps on dollies because I never feel like I had a really secure hold on the instrument. I always held onto the harp when moving them.

    I like the Camac trolley, and it can be used with the covers Camac makes.

    Helen Tang on #161886

    Thanks for the feedback.

    How do you load the harp onto the car? Do you load it with the harp attached to the trolley?

    barbara-low on #161887

    No, I would detach the trolley before putting it in the car.

    Also, it may be easier to have the hook thing positioned inside the harp (or at least heading in the right direction) as you slide the tray under the feet. When everything is connected correctly, tighten down the hook thing.

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