Is playing ruining my eyes?

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    sari-bari on #155532

    I feel that since I have started playing the harp, my eyesight has become worse. I think it comes from looking at all those pale, vibrating strings from a strange angle for a long time. I almost feel cross-eyed after playing.
    Is there any way to prevent this?


    andee-craig on #155533

    I doubt very much that playing is the cause of your vision difficulties.

    Do you currently wear glasses or contacts? Have you gotten your vision checked recently (adults should have their vision checked every two years).

    I have found that when I ‘graduated’ from normal glasses / contacts (I used to be simply near-sighted) to varifocal lenses (many people as they get older begin to have trouble seeing / reading up close) I now sometimes have a bit of depth perception issues on the lower strings of the harp and also have trouble when lighting conditions are on the ‘too dark’ side (like at open mic nights, etc.)

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