Is anyone looking for a great summer harp camp?

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    Phone………….(918) 832-0934

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    Here is what previous Harp Festival (Tulsa Harp Camp) participants had to say:

    “It was fun to be with other harpists and to meet another male harpist (Jim Pinkerton).” Jesse Motto – age 13

    “This was a really exciting camp. On a scale of 1-10, I would give it an 11.” Alexis Graham-Stephenson – age 12

    “It was a very good experience! It forced me to work on areas of my playing that I’d ignored. It also broadened the world of music for me. I became more impassioned with the harp as a result of the camp!” Marybeth Dunbar – age 19

    “An exciting week meeting, practicing, and performing with other harpists.” Charlotte Greg – Adult

    “Harp Camp gave me the opportunity to play my harp with a group of harpists, some at a similar level and others with more experience. The blend made for an interesting and informative week, which I really enjoyed.” Linda Ashton – Adult

    “The quest artists were great!” Jennifer Barretto – age 17

    “Harp Camp was a lot of fun and I learned a lot at the same time.” Megan Decker – age 18

    It’s not to late to signup. For a registration packet, call Lorelei Barton at: 918-832-0934.

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    If you are interested in attending this festival next year, check out their website at: for more information.

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