Is “Amazing Grace” appropriate for a Christening?

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    Harper Cait on #150796

    A client has asked me if I think this tune would be appropriate for her son’s Christening. IT’s one of her favs and she sings it to him all the time. I will be singing and accompanying myself on harp. Her husband is worried that it’s more of a funeral song. What do you think?

    Sid Humphreys on #150797

    It’s amazing where this piece can pop up, I heard it sung at a wedding! For me, it’s always been a funeral song.

    Susan Abken on #150798

    Amazing Grace is indeed appropriate for an infant baptism, or for a person’s baptism at any age. In Christian theology, sins are forgiven and one is born into the faith at baptism, and just the word “grace”–God’s undeserved, unearned and unmeasurable love poured out for the human race–is enough to make this hymn appropriate in a Christian service. Pluck away, smile and have fun! To keep the baby calm, you might consider playing in the upper octaves of the harp, like chimes in the child’s nursery.

    Sid Humphreys on #150799

    Thank you Susan, that was beautifully put in to words! It will forever change how I listen to this Hymn!

    unknown-user on #150800

    Yes, indeed, especially if the song has meaning for the participants.

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