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    samsam-95 on #187472

    heey everyone!

    I noticed I find it quite hard to find pieces for the harp I really like to play, so I was wondering if you guys knew pieces i might like? 😀 if you have any suggestions or pieces you really like to play yourself, I’d really appreciate hearing from you!

    Since December 2013 I have my own pedal harp, so I probably won’t be able to play pieces with insanely much pedal changes or the bigger, more difficult pieces. To give you an idea of which level I’m at, here are a few pieces I played recently:

    The Minstrel’s Adieu To His Native Land, J. Thomas

    La Source A. Hasselmans

    New Blues D. Henson-Conant

    Pieces I also like are Mchedelovs ‘Alyonushka’, ‘The Nightingale’ by Henson-Conatn and ‘Etude de concert’ by Godefroid, though I think the latest is still out of my league 😛

    PS: Sorry if my english isn’t perfect, I’m not a native English speaker! ^^

    Tacye on #187507

    Do you know:
    Zabel Marguerite Douloureuse au Rouet op 26
    Bernard Andres Epices
    David Watkins Petite Suite
    Glinka Nocturne

    Emily Granger on #187687

    Here are a few ideas to get you started – there are so many great intermediate pedal harp solos out there!

    Andres La Gimblette
    Salzedo Suite of 8 Dances – start with the more popular Seguidilla, Tango and Rumba (great pedal practice in Seguidilla & Rumba, Tango has no pedal changes)
    Salzedo Chanson dans la nuit
    any of the Naderman Sonatas
    Grandjany Automne

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #187696

    There are a lot of other pieces by Salzedo I would do first, and of the Eight Dance, I would begin with Siciliana and Menuet as well as Tango. There are some beautiful solos in the Art of Modulating that every harpist should know, as well as the Preludes in the Method, and his folk song settings. Grandjany has several pieces at your level, also. Lex Van Delden’s Notturno is excellent. You need to choose pieces (with your teacher) that will develop you technically and musically, as well as inspire you.

    samsam-95 on #187699

    Thank you all for replying! My teacher suggested playing Etude de Concert by Godefroid, though I’m kind of worried I won’t be able to play it as fast as it should be.

    I asked my teacher and we’re starting with some Naderman Sonatas soon, so thank you for the tip!

    I’m also really excited about Marguerite Douloureuse au Rouet, I really really like it! 😀 I don’t really like to ask my teacher to play a certain piece…I’m always afraid she lets me play it anyway even though I’m not completely ready for it. I’d hate to play something knowing it could be a lot better 😛 But I certainly will ask!

    I don’t really know why, but I’m actually not really into Salzedo’s music unfortunately :S I feel like his music is so chaotic haha, but that’s not really up to me to say, I don’t know as much about music as you do!

    emma-graham on #187709

    You might like Hasslemans’ Chanson De Mai.
    You can take a look at the score here.,_Op.40_(Hasselmans,_Alphonse)
    There are loads of other solo harp pieces available on this site. It’s very useful to look at what you would be in for before buying the music!

    Sharone Stevenson on #187797

    I am a composer. My collection is called “Healing Harmony – Essence of Joy.” It is available at Harps etc. You can print it out yourself. Teachers are suggesting it for new Intermediate and higher students, and the harpists are very happy with the five different pieces. You can hear one of the pieces called Angel of the Dawn on You Tube.

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