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    HBrock25 on #167045

    I’m a senior in high school, and I’m looking to attend a music camp with a serious harp program next summer. So far my top choices are Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp and Interlochen, as those two are within driving distance for me. Does anyone know anything about what the focus is on in the harp programs at these camps?

    patricia-jaeger on #167046

    Sarah, if you or your teacher look in the Michigan section of the American Harp Society Directory, you will find Avis Heger.

    emily-granger on #167047

    Hey Sarah! I would highly recommend Interlochen Arts Camp if you are looking for a serious, intense summer program. Mrs. Joan Holland is the harp instructor and does an excellent job with everything. You have to audition to get into Interlochen, and if accepted you must audition when you arrive at camp. You are then placed into an orchestra or band. (I think this summer she might be doing a solo program where you do not participate in any large ensemble) You have orchestra (or band) every day and a concert every weekend. You can take up to two elective classes and there are a wide variety of classes to choose from. (If you are like me and want to practice all the time, take High School Practice Hour to get an extra hour in everyday!) There are composition classes as well! You will participate in a daily harp class, which includes harp ensemble, orchestra skills, yoga/stretching, college talks, small chamber groups, blind auditions, and much more! It is the perfect opportunity to prepare you for college and get a TON of ensemble playing! I spent two summers there and learned an immense amount about all aspects of harp performing. I highly recommend Interlochen!

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #167048

    Maybe you played on my Camac Athena. It lived at Interlochen for 2 years for the summer program, I think in 04 and 05.

    harpist for Christ on #167049


    I was wondering if you could tell me what level the harpists are at Interlochen. What level pieces do you have to be able to play to get in?


    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #167050

    Although I am in Michigan, and my harp was in the summer program at Interlochen, I am not familiar with the harp program there. I bought my harp from the Virginia Harp Center and was told that was where it was originally purchased for. I have been told the harp program there is a good one, but perhaps you could contact them and ask about it.


    unknown-user on #167051

    Hey, I know you posted back in October but I hope you decided to apply to Interlochen!! You’ll have an amazing experience if you go there! and Im sure youve looked at the website by now to see the audition requirements since they audition tapes were due february 1st. If you come this summer I hope to see you there!

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