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    absssolutely on #144508


    I am a new member to this community and I am a beginner at playing the harp. I would really like to get a lever harp that has around 34 strings. As I am a student and thus on a tight budget, I am interested in getting a 2nd hand harp that is of reasonable quality. It would be best if you are from Singapore because it would mean that no shipping is involved! Do let me know if you are selling a harp or know anyone who is selling one, I am really keen! Thank you:)

    Gretchen Cover on #144510

    After reading about Sonya finding a pedal harp on Craigslist, my curiosity got the better of me and I scoped it out for harps. Interestingly, there is an Italian lap harp for sale for $85 in Melbourne, Florida. Of course, this doesn’t help you in Singapore but perhaps for that low price, someone in the US will take a chance on the harp.

    patricia-jaeger on #144593

    If you click on you will arrive at the site of the monthly online newsletter of Puget Sound Folk Harp Society, in the State of Washington in the northwest corner of the USA. There on the left side of the home page, one of the options is to choose Harps For Sale. If you click on that, you will find an amazing ten-and-a-half pages listing harps that individuals are eager to sell, including many with 34 strings. Telephone and e-mail addresses are given. Good luck!

    Andreas1983 on #185833

    Hi everyone! I showed this site to another poster. I do see you are in Singapore, but I buy from Djembe Beach, and this was one “Gothic” harp they had there and I thought the price was competitive

    just sharing the information, I hope you do find a good one to start off with!

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