Inherited Salvi Daphne 40, Value?

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    btcs0729 on #196210

    I recently came back into possession of the Salvi Daphne 40 I played growing up. It has been in my grandmother’s smoke-free home for the last 18 years. She recently passed and we brought it home. I am very interested in help determining a rough estimate of its value. It is currently missing 9 of its 40 strings. It is the Ebony matt finish. Unfortunately I have no information from its purchase, but it would have been circa 1997. Thank you for sharing your expertise!

    Elizabeth Webb on #196270

    You can look up the age by giving Salvi the serial number. Value is likely somewhere in the 8-10K range, but could be less if you have any damage. If it has not been played for a long time, you will probably want to drop about $8-900 into a full restringing, regulation, and professional appraisal. You would not want to buy a car in unknown condition, and harpists are much less likely to buy a harp in unknown condition, without a recent appraisal. Even if you leave the buyer to do the restringing and regulation, get it appraised. Otherwise, you are probably looking at more the 6-8K range. Contact Salvi or Lyon and Healy to ask what technician services your area, then find out when they will next be there. Even if you have to drive a couple hours to get it done, it’s worth it.

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