Information needed about Grechaninov Bachkiria Fantasy & Naderman /Tulout: Nocturne

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    Jasmin-Isabel Kuhne on #149360

    Dear harpists,
    does anybody know some detailled information about the bachkiria fantasy from Grechaninov or about the nocturne from Nadermann /Tulout? Everything can be interesting for me, e.g. which harpists played this on CD, which bachkirian theme Gretchaninov used to work on it etc.)
    Thanks for your answers!

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #149361

    Erica Goodman recorded the Nadermann Tulou, and I think a duo called East Wind recorded the Grechaninov. Where do you do your research?

    Jasmin-Isabel Kuhne on #149362

    Yes, thank you, but I know already which harpists played these pieces on CD. My question belonged to the pieces themselves, e.g. background information while they were composed or which bashkirian themes had been used during the grechaninov fantasy.
    I do my research mostly with the internet concerning rarely played pieces and of course I have some bibliographies and textes concerning the topic flute and harp music. But finally, nobody has already presented special compositions in detail in an article or book etc.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #149363

    Perhaps you can find collections of Bashkir folk songs and see if any match. Otherwise, you might have to find someone from Bashkir to see if they know any of the songs. There’s nothing very particular about the Nocturne, it is typical of its time. You did ask who recorded the works.

    Jasmin-Isabel Kuhne on #149364

    Dear Saul,
    thank you very much for your email, its a very good idea to search for Bashkir folk songs! Yes, I guess the Nocturne is “only” a typical composition of this time, you are absolutely right! At the moment, I am looking for anybody having played the Mozetich Sonata because this piece can only be ordered in Canada and its nearly impossible to get this piece then because of the amazing high transporting costs to Germany :-(

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #149365

    Can you request a library to order it for their collection so you can study it? I had to pay extremely high shipping to get music from Fuzeau, from di-arezzo, so it is the same here. I made the best of it by buying as much music as I could to go in the same package. It was fun and worth it. I hope you are not opposed to spending on music. The Mozetich is a finely crafted piece. There are other pieces you could get from the same source, like those by Milton Barnes.

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