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    lydia-covey on #167077

    Hello Fellow Harpists (or harpers as the case may be)
    I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! It has been quite a while since I’ve
    posted on here.

    A little update on me and intro for those who do not know me ~ I am an 11th grade, 16
    year old aspiring harpist. I LOVE music; creating it or listening to it and taking in all its
    elements. I started playing harp 2 years ago in January of 2005. I upgraded from an
    L&H Prelude to a brand new, L&H style 85 semi grand harp (which I am very blessed to
    own and am awed every time I look at it!). I’m a Salzedo harpist studying under Naoko
    Stromberg in Dallas, TX (who studied with Alice Chalifoux). Have enjoyed starting
    playing for weddings, formal dinners and such. In the past few months I have or am
    currently working on the Pescetti Sonata in C, Song In the Night, the Dussek Sonata,
    Solfeggietto, and Salzedo’s Lords Prayer (to give an idea of my level) to name a few.

    Okay, my point for posting. I have wanted to go to a long summer camp type program
    that is more intense then your average weeklong harp camp. I am very excited to have
    chosen Interlochen. It is just what I have dreamed about attending! Solo work, orchestra,
    (I have no experience in this- orchestra work- but have always wanted to create beautiful
    music with so many people and really look forward to it) ensemble, electives,
    performances, and learning from the top, studying, gaining experience…! Ahh, how
    better can it get!!
    My first teacher (Laura Elder

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