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    My in-laws just gave to my son a Sebastien Erard Harp thats in poor condition.

    The number on the upper right of the brass plate reads 1002

    The back plate reads London, patent 5632

    What should I do with this very old instrument?


    What you should do depends on whether you want it as a playable instrument or not.

    John Liedtke

    Thank you.

    It has 43 strings and we live in Windsor Ontario, south side of Detroit.




    I have a Harp Doctor (my name for him) — Erich Rase —


    I’m interested in exactly where and how your number 1002 is displayed. I just purchased a Erard via Ebay in Hudson Valley, NY (the link is below which contains some pictures). Mine seems to be from the french address. does yours contain the London address? Mine also displays the number 1002 which would seem to be the serial number and there are no other numbers and nothing on the back plate. I found from the ledger books at the 2nd link below (page 199 and 200) that the french Erard 1002 dates to April 9, 1926. My harp also has some other inscriptions I’m interested in referring to Gold Medals at the French exposition of 1809 and 1823, as well as something about the Duke of Orleans and the Imperial Court of Russia (perhaps bad translations). A third link below gives mostly the same inscription found on my harp, but mine has one more line pertaining to the Duke of Orleans. Does your harp have any inscriptions such as this? Can you post a picture of your inscriptions.

    I’ll be taking my harp to an expert restorer next week, but I’m really interested in it being fixed for use by my daughter and not necessarily restoration.


    If you want good harps for your children, please go to dealers and buy new or used harps in good condition. Antique harps are a curiosity, and pretty, but they are not suitable for modern use. Your children deserve the best possible instrument. It’s okay for a starter, but plan to move on.

    Walter Herman

    I am restoring Erard’s harp #816. I have been restoring harps (only very old ones) for the past 40 years, and if you still have this harp I could restore it. A qualitifed repair person will charge a considerably amount to restore your harp. The harp I am working on at the moment will cost the owner 9,000.00 to 10,000.00 dollars. This is a concertive estment. Much will depend on the shap your harp is in. If you look up under the top where the two brass plates hold the mechanical parts. Look up to where the rods connect to the mechanical parts, with a flashlight you will see the date. The date is stamped on the brass swivel. If you are not up to restoring your harp. I might be interested in buying it. My name is Walter Herman my email is

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