Incorrectly marked pedals in printed parts

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    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #184081

    While practising for a new music festival, I have found several examples of printed pedal markings that were completely wrong. I think this must be a problem with composers using plug-ins that read the wrong passage of music. I am guessing, but it happens often enough that I thought I should bring this up, to alert players to double-check all the printed pedals in case they do not match up with the printed music. My preference is that they don’t print pedal markings at all, unless they are harpists and putting them in manually.

    Tacye on #184082

    I live in hope that it should be less work to alter printed pedals to my preferences than to start from scratch. Sometimes it is!

    While a different matter to printing them, I strongly encourage non-harpist composers to work out the pedals – and then count how many feet they think the poor harpist has!

    Sylvia on #184092

    Seems like some composers think we play vertical pianos with all five fingers on each hand. I appreciate it when they DON’T clutter up the music with what they think the pedals should be.

    melissa-gallant on #184168

    When I’ve worked with composers I’ve encouraged them to include courtesy accidentals in the music. I find it helpful if I can see at a glance where a note that’s been altered is now back to the pitch of the indicated key. I can then decide where to move the pedal or use an enharmonic spelling requiring a totally different pedal combination. It is frustrating correcting composers’ notions of where I might want to move pedals.

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