I’m Getting a Thormahlen!

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    Jodi Ann Tolman on #78339

    I’ve been researching harps for quite a while now and although I wasn’t planning on choosing one today, the perfect one just sort of found me! While browsing the Thormahlen website, I found new harps that were recently posted on their “In stock” page. And there it was… the Serenade with all the features I was planning on ordering!! I couldn’t pass it up. I’m so excited! I’m getting the taller feet put on it (since I’m 5’8″) and it should be here sometime in May! I’ve been listening to tons of sound clips of the Serenade lately and I just can’t quit listening to them–so beautiful! Especially Brook Boddie’s “Upon the Willows”. I’m gonna have to get me a copy of that music!

    My only concern is that I’ve never actually played on a nylon-strung harp. (I know, I know. I’m taking a bit of a chance.) I’m renting a Troubadour now and play on my teacher’s Prelude which both have pretty high tension, so I think the slightly lighter tension of the Serenade will be a bit of a welcome relief. So, all you Serenade lovers, tell me how much I’m going to love this harp!! 😉

    Donna O on #78340

    Congratulations on your new harp. The Serenade is a gorgeous sounding harp. Upon the Willows by Brook Boddie is available from Melody’s @ http://www.folkharp.com. It is easy to learn and beautiful to play. I actually play it on my Prelude. One of my favorites. DonnaO

    jennifer-buehler on #78341

    Congrats! Send me a piccie when it’s here!

    Angela Biggs on #78342

    Congratulations, Jodi! You’ll find the nylon strings a little more slippery, but that can be a good thing. I’ve only played on gut a couple of times, and found it was harder to pluck — not just because of the tension, but because the gut felt “sticky.” Enjoy your new harp! I look forward to pics. 🙂

    Jodi Ann Tolman on #78343

    That’s an interesting insight, Angela. I’m eager to play on the nylon. Maybe my skills will improve! 😉

    Jodi Ann Tolman on #78344

    My Thormahlen Serenade came today! I can’t stop playing it because the sound is just so beautiful! My hands are still a little sore from nerve pain (maybe carpal tunnel?) but it doesn’t hurt to play and I just want to keep hearing this harp and feeling the strings on my fingers!

    jennifer-buehler on #78345

    It’s gorgeous!

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