Il Padrino arrangement in Yoshino’s Insomnia

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    HBrock25 on #146120

    Hello everyone,

    Naoko Yoshino plays a very nice arrangement of the Godfather theme in her album Insomnia. Does anyone know whose arrangement is it? Is it from the out of print Laura Erb book ‘Pops for harp’? If so, how could I get it?


    barbara-brundage on #146121

    I’ve only heard as much as you can hear on the itunes preview, but I don’t think it’s Laura Erb’s version. Probably her own arrangement, I would presume.

    barbara-brundage on #146122

    Meant to say it’s definitely not Laura Erb’s arrangement. She does have some arpeggios as fill, but not the full chord left hand or the filigree pattern later on.
    Erb’s version is actually pretty simple compared to some of her others.

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