IIIIIII’mmmmmmmmmmmmm baaaaack!

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    unknown-user on #167227

    Hi again everyone!

    unknown-user on #167228

    Welcome Back!

    unknown-user on #167229

    (I hesistate to call it Salzedo… I would like to just call it “bad”)

    I should restate this comment… What I was learning before was by no means “bad”- just simply “different” from what I am learning now. I had great, talented harpists teach me over the years, each one of them very friendly people, and wonderful musicians. Looking back on the above statement, it looked like I referred to them negatively, which is NOT what I intended. I am very grateful for the instruction I have received on the harp up to this time- It’s just time for a change.

    emily-granger on #167230

    Hey Steven

    I recently did a similar thing.

    unknown-user on #167231

    It is always wonderful to hear young harpists who are so enthusiastic and excited to progress in their playing. I thought I would include a couple of thoughts that may be valuable to others reading these posts. When transferring to another teacher it is valuable to determine if the changes in technique result from inaccurate technique on the part of the student or simply a different technique. It takes a well informed, gifted teacher to be able to adapt to a variety of techniques in their transfer students. If you plan to study with the new teacher for a long term, there are advantages to following whatever technique they understand best.

    The second point is important, and not necessarily an issue in these posts. It is difficult to change teachers and sometimes there is a temptation to give complete loyalty to the new teacher (which is good) by discrediting the former teacher (not so good). I think it is more valuable to remember the strengths each teacher had and be proud of what you learned in each case. I have had four harp teachers and have loved each one dearly. There was only one instance where I switched for the purpose of learning proper technique, but I still love and appreciate that teacher for the contribution she made. So, I am saying to young harpist in their training, to be proud of what you have learned during each step of the way, and congratulations on your continued progress.

    unknown-user on #167232

    Emily- It sounds like we’re excactly in the same boat! I’m relearning the proper way to use my hands, and concentrating on what the composer was try to say with his/her particular peice of music.

    Julianne- Thanks for your encouraging words! It’s tough changing my technique completely, but I think it’s going to be well worth it. Obviously, am quite thankful to my previous teachers for the great musical foundation they provided for me. Now technique and musicianship are the main focuses for me, since college auditions aren’t too far away.

    Evangeline Williams on #167233

    Welcome back!!!!!

    Technique is such an interesting subject to discuss.

    unknown-user on #167234

    I’m 15 and I started when I was 9.


    unknown-user on #167235

    Steven–Did you play any instruments beforehand?

    carl-swanson on #167236

    I’ve read with some amusement Steve’s original posting(which I discovered
    when someone else who had read

    Ann Marie Liss on #167237

    Where did you study with Jamet in France? Privately or in a conservatoire? Just curious 🙂

    carl-swanson on #167238

    I studied with him privately. By that time he was retired from the Paris

    carl-swanson on #167239

    Correction. There were three Americans there my first and second year.

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