If you were going to harp in the Caribbean…

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    Harper Cait on #148008

    … what website url/name would you pick for yourself as your persona?

    islandharp, islandharpist & islandharper are taken.

    islandharping.com is not.

    Other front runners I’m considering are:

    flamingoharp (we’ll be living on Flamingo lake and gives rise to neat logo ideas…)
    and that’s all I’ve got!

    Please spam me with suggestions! Bonus points if the url is still available!


    Rachel Redman on #148009

    You want a name that captures your business services in just a few words, and is unique (not islandharping, because that’s too close to the names of your “competition”). I don’t have any brilliant ideas as of yet, but I will let you know if I do!

    kay-lister on #148010

    How about “Tropical Tones” or “Island Breezes”?


    Harper Cait on #148011

    Thanks guys. I had a number of people suggest “island strings” but to me that sounds too much like a string quartet.

    I’ve also been thinking of how I can include in the name the idea that I also perform as a vocalist, accompanying myself on harp, which is fairly unique.

    Harpandsong is taken, but islandharpsong is not.

    Other front runner right now is sunsetharp.com and I’ve almost decided on that one. What are your thoughts?

    harpglo-jean on #148012

    I like sunsetharp.com…flows better…

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