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    Suppose you have someone come for a lesson, then they don’t show for the next one that is scheduled. Suppose they call the next week and say, oh I’m sorry for the mix-up, then say they are going away most of the rest of the summer. What would you do if they call up in the fall and say they want to resume?

    Do you:

    A) say okay

    B) raise your price

    C) raise your price so high you think they won’t come and if they do, terrific?

    D) tell them to go somewhere else

    E) never return the call

    F) schedule a lesson and don’t show up

    G) other

    Trista Hill

    I’ve had a similar experience recently, except


    Seems reasonable.

    My lessons were always paid in advance, with a slight discount for


    I have found that with most people, past actions are predictors for future actions. Could you set up a trial set of lessons, say three, paid in advance? You could see how things go with this student and then decide.


    G) Other…..

    Say no, you do not think it will work out, or “I’m busy”.

    Evangeline Williams

    Type up the cancellation policy and have them sign a copy of it.


    I’m probably too laid back about these things. I would probably go ahead and try again with the student. I would mention that it is important to keep me informed about schedule changes because there are always other students needing slots. I have students pay me at the beginning of the month. If they skip a lesson, they still pay for it unless there is an emergency or something.

    For me, being scatterbrained about scheduling is a forgivable offense, although inconvenient and worth correcting. The students that pose the real deal breakers for me are the ones with attitude problems with premature pride and such.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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