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    drummekerr on #194466


    If possible, I would like some help identifying a harp.  The picture only shows part of the instrument, but I know the owner is interested in selling, and has not yet provided a better picture.  According the owner, the metal plate says “Corricorn String 1990”.  I have not been able to find any information searching for that text.  It is a 29-string harp that was purchased around 20 years ago.

    Is anyone able to identify this harp with the minimal amount of information I have provided?


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    Biagio on #194471

    Sorry, no idea though it looks rather as if it were a “home built”.  Which does not necessarily mean it’s not a good harp – there have been many talented builders who did not actually go into business full time.  Often they signed and dated the soundboard (inside) – ask the seller to look there.  I don’t see any cracks in the neck, can’t make out the SB material and it’s condition.  Other possible “issues” to check: is the pillar (column) straight, are there any levers, what condition are the strings and is there a string chart.

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    drummekerr on #194514

    Thanks for the feedback.  I’ve since been able to discover that this harp was made by Stan Pope in British Columbia about 1993.  He still makes harps, but the design has changed.  His shop at the time was called Capricorn Strings.  When new it was priced at $1300.  It has been sitting for a number of years by a window and a radiator, so I have some concerns.  I’ll be able to have a look at it this weekend.

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